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Essence Of Life

Have you ever wondered about the essence of life, living, what makes life worthwhile?

The hypothesis of living, what should I do if I find life a meaningless pursuit, why is doing something better than doing nothing, why do we wake up, work, sleep, wake up again and repeat the same circle.

If you are not learning new things, moving upwards, growing and progressing, It means you are not living, with growing emphasis on starting early in life and buried ourselves in goal and mission.

One of the essence of life is to learn from our mistakes and use them as building blocks on the road to success, failure is not the end, establishing a perfect balance in individual, spiritual, mental and physical growth.


Life in memory is not real, it is just an image. Life in macro context is a journey from birth to death, different perspectives, priorities and influences play at different stages of life.

The meanings we gather shape our life as we go resulting in an explicit or implicit purpose which acts as a major stoke of our art of expression.

Excuse me being philosophical, I am actually not a philosophical specie but sometimes you can also agree with me that life makes us philosophical.

Another essence of living is making the best of our talents in alleviating the sufferings and touching the lives of less fortunate ones. To understand that life was never designed to be a bed of roses, rather a crazy roller coaster ride of happiness and sorrow.

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The essence of living is not just intensified in our efforts to achieving goals, getting grades, college admissions, dream job, ideal partners, luxury and super easy life but in the smile we put in the faces of people we meet.

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