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Things That Shows Genuine Love.



The feeling of incompleteness when you are separated. You fall home stick and the need for the other to be around occurred, all these happen because they have become bonded emotionally and both find each other safe only on each other presence.

“There was a Lady who said that when she got separated from her partner only for some few days. The very day he visited me I feel whole, we went out and had a good time, when he’s left, I felt so bad I thought I would die but I felt so alone as though half of me had gone with him”

Now these are feelings that shows true love and it is natural to feel so when you are parting with someone you dearly loved.

-The Love Sees Other In A Unique Way.
True love seems to open a lovers eyes to see the loved one as extraordinary, priceless like no one else ever created and unique with an eternal identity.
The partners place high value one each other, than they are willing to give up themselves independence so as to belong to one another.

-The lover want to marry and be together (forever); falling in love usually leads to the partners desire to make a new world for themselves, to seal their commitment in marriage. The commitment does not only demonstrate the quality of their love, but attempt to preserve it forever. All this does not mean they will have a happy marriage
In the future; wisdom must be applied to their relationship as they shape their lives together, wisdom can make a better relationship.

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-You Must Stay In Love.
Build an intimate relationship, nurture each other emotionally and share thoughts and feelings. Spend private time together so that you can continue to feel secure and at home in each other presence.

Show your commitment to one another in such a way that strong links of trust are established and maintained.
-Faithfulness: The essential element of relationship.
The one quality thing you believe will contribute to the development of love and growth in a relationship which have to be “Faithfulness”

Faithfulness in a relationship means being firm to the commitment you have made in both attitude and action you are loyal, true and constant to your partner.

An empty relationship is the one in which one or both partners eventually look for other ways to meet their emotional needs.
So the choice to be faithful in a warm, vital, intimate relationship, which will continues to grow in the security of steadfast love.

Faithfulness is not only an ongoing choice but it is a continuous call to action.
It must be expressed, demonstrated in your daily life when it happens like this then it can be called faithfulness.

The absolute live and belonging love.
Both need to be at the heart of the relationship, these love can only be fully enjoyed within the protection structure of God. We entered this house by our free choice, our decision is both legal and public and must be importantly spiritual.

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Avoid negative things that could change the way you see each other and live in an atmosphere which is approve and forgive quickly, give generously don’t forget that you must build your relationship on a solid base.
Always think and talk in terms.

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